Eastern Foundation was formed in 2013 to make an impact in the carpet industry at the root level and to make a difference in the community. Having an experience of over 30 years in carpet manufacturing, Eastern Mills ( formerly known as Eastern Exports) has taken the initiative to develop skill set of weavers in the region especially women which is a highly under utilised resource. Being manufacturers of various handmade techniques we position ourselves strategically to directly impact the weaving conditions and abolishment of child labor.

Currently Eastern Group employs more than 1800 people for its manufacturing demands and proudly, all of its workers are provided legal benefits like PF, bonuses, earned leaves etc. and are provided healthy working conditions. Out of 1800 people, 30% are women weavers which is remarkable considering industry average is 2-5%. All employees, weavers and workers have a bank account and all wages transactions are done electronically eliminating the middlemen and passing all benefits directly to weaver. Workers are provided shuttle service to commute to our factory which also ensures that there is no overtime and working over the legal time limit.

In teaching others we teach ourselves. We have effectively taught our organisation to a healthy working condition legal manufacturing company and we want to go a step further and contribute to the industry as a whole to ensure all weavers share the same benefits.


Impact as many lives to improve employment opportunities, personal development, social justice and sustainable growth.


  • To provide healthy working conditions to weavers and workers
  • To provide employment opportunities to weavers especially women
  • To provide Personal and Social development trainings
  • To ensure no child labor and children education
  • To ensure legal benefits and justice
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What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all its children

-John Dewe

Bhadohi is located in Uttar Pradesh in North India. It is a unique industrial town which offers almost all employment opportunities only in rug manufacturing due to the lack of alternative industries. It is recognised as a the carpet city of India and is the largest hand knotting carpet hub of south Asia. The region employs roughly 3.5 million people in the industry and accounts for roughly 75% of total rugsand carpets exports from India.

There are staggering no. of people involved in rug making processes in the region which gives us a tremendous opportunity to impact livelihood and homes of many people.

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Working Procedure

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Skill Development

We operate by reaching out to rural areas and approach under privilege people – mainly women, and educate them regarding employment opportunities in the form of rug weaving. We provide trainings to develop skill set and enable them to employment opportunities.

After identification of people and inclination from them, we invite them to our skill development weaving centres located in Bhadohi and Mirzapur and provide them training through our masters.

Yarns and looms are provided for learning under supervision of the trainer to ensure quick adaptation and development of skill.

Weaving techniques include Hand-tufted, Hand-knotted and Punja Dhurries. Once skills have been acquired, employment is assured since currently the industry is facing a shortage of workforce to make rugs. It is a win-win situation.

We have also partnered with an e-commerce company to sell rugs online that were used during the skill development trainings of new weavers.

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Social and Personal development

Regular trainings are provided to new weavers and workers regarding the legal rights and benefits. Empowerment is done through regular training regarding PF, bonuses, benefits, leaves and legal rights.

Bank accounts are also opened along with identity cards to ensure secure foundation of growth and personal identity.

Currently all new trainees are employed by our partner Eastern Mills Pvt ltd. which has a policy of making all wages transactions through bank accounts instead of cash which also ensures all legal benefits are secured. Eastern Mills is very strict in hiring process and ensures that all legal paperwork is secured before job initiation so that there is no possibility of child involvement in rug making process in the factory.

The importance of education and abolishment of child labor is also communicated in these training sessions for social awareness. Health and safety pictures and videos are used to communicate for learning of ex. fire drills, fire extinguishers, first aids etc.


Eastern Foundation has impacted lives of more than 2500 people and their families in the past year and the number continues to grow.

Developing skill in carpet weaving is a very effective way to create employment opportunities because it is not a labor intensive job and especially suited for women in remote areas because once skill is acquired, weaving can also take place in the comfort of their homes.

Women need not indulge in labor intensive work like agricultural duties, construction contracts etc but instead they can work comfortably and artistically. Due the shortage of weavers in the industry and high unemployment, it is the perfect opportunity to create workforce by developing skills and develop a sustainable source of income for weavers families. These steady flow of incomes along with personal and social training programs will also encourage the weavers to send their kids to school and look at the world in an optimistic view.


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